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Azurite Consulting can help you rapidly construct 'impossible to build' datasets & survey panels, to uncover differentiated deal insights and build your growth plan founded in customer perspectives & predictions.  Everything we do is grounded in real-world data.

We offer a range of services utilized by Private Equity, Hedge Funds and other businesses

Bespoke Surveys

Bespoke Panels and Large Sample B2B Surveys

We build bespoke panels, from scratch, to fit your specific research objectives. We routinely deliver 250+ sample-size surveys of niche business decision makers, end-users and customers in less than a month, to capture performance, pricing sensitivity, switching propensity and competitive insight.  Learn more...

Total Addressable Market Maps

Total Addressable Market Maps and Prediction

We construct a comprehensive dataset of all potential B2B customers. We then predict, using your past win / loss historical data, which prospective customers to target and how to best align your sales territories, allowing you to stay focused and efficient.  Learn more...

Management Consulting & Interviewing

Management Consulting & Interviewing

Azurite Consulting is founded in traditional Management Consulting experience. Our time at McKinsey & Company, allows us to deliver top-team thought partnership, communication and results - as well as to conduct Deep Structured Interviews, to go deep on your market questions.  Learn more...

Our services are deployed across the full investment value chain

Azurite Service Lines

We are experienced management consultants who know data.
(not data people trying to be management consultants)

Azurite has a strong track record of success helping clients

Bespoke Panels & Large Sample B2B Surveys

Total Addressable Market Maps

Total Addressable Market Maps & Prediction

Bespoke Surveys

Azurite uses innovative approaches to deliver data-driven insights in a “top-team” manner

Azurite’s senior management consulting experience and diverse capabilities, enable us to thought partner with your entire team

What differentiates Azurite Consulting

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